Takamine EG340DLX

akamine EG340DLX acoustic-electric
guitar has spectacular looks, vintage
tone and amazing playability. The
culmination of "high grade" tonewoods
and precision inlay together at an
incredible value. Built using a hand
selected "Bearclaw spruce" top with
stunning highly figured mahogany
back and sides and Takamine's world
leading pickup and preamp system this
special guitar possesses all of the
sonic and visual attribute today's
performers need to rule the stage.

TP4T Preamp

The Takamine TP4T preamp found on
G-Series guitars features a gain knob,
a tuner, an active shelving system EQ
with bass, middle, and treble frequency
slider controls, and a low battery light.
The preamp is switched on by plugging
a standard mono instrument cable into
the endpin/strap pin jack. Unplugging
the cable switches the preamplifier off.
The TP4T Preamplifier is powered by a
single 9 volt battery.

Gain Control: The gain knob controls
the volume of the preamp. Turning this
knob all the way to the left will
effectively silence the preamplifier.
Turning it all the way to the right will
produce the maximum output.

Tuner: The tuner in the TP4T is fully
chromatic. Press the tuner switch to
activate it. The note being played is
shown in the digital display along with
either an Up or Down arrow. If an Up
arrow appears the note is sharp (too
high) and needs to be lowered. If a
Down arrow appears the note is flat
(too low) and needs to be raised. The
faster the arrow flashes, the farther out
of tune it is. As you bring it closer in
tune the speed with which the arrow
flashes will decrease. When both
arrows appear and they are not
flashing the note is in tune. The tuner
will automatically shut off after 90
seconds. Note that once the battery
drops below a certain voltage level the
preamp may still function but the tuner
will not. If you are still getting output
from the preamp but the tuner is not
functioning try changing the battery.

Low Batter Light: Once the battery
drops below a certain voltage the low
battery light will come on indicating the
need to replace the battery.
- Body Shape: Dreadnought C/A
- Top: Solid Bearclaw Spruce
- Back: Flame Mahogany
- Sides: Flame Mahogany
- Bridge: Rosewood
- Fingerboard: Rosewood
- Tuners: Gold W/Pearloid Buttons
- Rosette: Abalone
- Inlays: Abalone Snowflake
- Finishes: Gloss Natural
- Electronics: TP4T
- Nut Width (In/Mm): 1 3/4"
- Case: GC1128G (Optional)
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Takamine EG340DLX
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