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Accu-cast B120 Bridge

The B120's extra-wide string slots can
accommodate even the heaviest of
gauges. Walls and channels of the
new bridge plate effectively "trap" the
saddles, ensuring perfect directional

CAP EXF-N2 Pickups

The arched construction of the EXF-N2
pickup exemplifies Ibanez
common-sense innovation. The arched
design sets each string at equal
distance to the pickup, resulting in
balanced volume output. In terms of
sonic character, these humbuckers are
often described as "punchy." High
quality shielding eliminates unwanted

EQB-IIID 3-band EQ

The EQB-IIID is an improvement on the
concept of simple EQ control. Boost
and cut of Mid Control are each
centered on a slightly different
frequencies, an innovation that
delivers a preset range of the most
favorable bass tones.

neck type SR4 5pc Maple/Rosewood
body Agathis body
fretboard Rosewood fretboard w/White
dot inlay
fret Medium frets
number of frets 24
bridge Accu-cast B120 bridge
neck pu CAP EXF-N2 neck pu
bridge pu CAP EXF-N2 bridge pu
equaliser EQB-IIID 3-band eq  
hardware color Cosmo black
Neck Dimensions

Scale 864mm/34"
Width at Nut 38mm
Width at Last Fret 62mm
Thickness at 1st 19.5mm
Thickness at 12th 21.5mm
Radius 305mmR